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Coming Soon in 2019:  Sports & Education Seminars for Coaches, Athletes, Parents, and Spectators

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We believe that at the heart of every man and woman lies a competitor.  We want to bring that competitive spirit to the forefront of the entire running world.  In athletics, competition is not solely defined as two or more parties battling for the gold. Competition is about self-discovery, realizing one's best, breaking down walls, and pushing one's limits.  Just ask any athlete!  Your biggest competition is not another person or team, it's yourself.  

K-Trax produces competitive running events.  Our events are designed to showcase you, the competitor!  We want to show off your skills, growth, and achievements!  We want to support your reason for running!  So lace up your shoes.  We'll see you at the starting line.  Get On Track!

Our mission is to be the premier event production company for the sport of Athletics. Our aim is to showcase athletic pursuits in a competitive atmosphere while promoting sport, personal achievement, health, and physical sustainability.
K-Trax events and services are designed to increase spectatorship, participation, and marketability for running events, especially track & field.  Through events, we hope to cultivate opportunities for athletes to compete, be seen, and be recognized.

K-Trax was founded in 2012 in Inglewood, CA by track & field athlete Katrina M. Smith, MBA.